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We’ll write to you once a week, with the latest and most important blockchain news. Written for a broad audience, you won’t find any jargon. Just a simple explanation, that shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to read.


We are a global team of blockchain, digital & communication professionals based on the technological front lines of San Francisco, USA and Zürich, Switzerland. We know blockchain is going to be BIG. And we don’t want you to miss out. Learn about the world of blockchain from the things we’re doing, from the people we are meeting and the conversations we are having.

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How would you have described The Internet in the beginning of the 1980’s to your parents or grandparents? We bet you’re struggling to do the same with blockchain. It’s already revolutionising some of the world’s oldest industries. So, WhatTheBlock is taking blockchain mainstream, going beyond the hype and providing a digestible solution to the core issues. Whether you’re an investor, business owner, politician, student, tradesman, pilot, artist or cleaner, everyone will be affected by this revolutionary technology. So it’s important that we understand it. It wont take long, you can start with an email a week.

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June 2018

“It’s almost a must. The freeing up of resources to become more efficient will come through technology, and blockchain is a great way to allow us to … reduce costs.”

sergio ermotti / ubs group ceO

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We’re building a global community of blockchain champions. Help us, help others understand the exciting world of blockchain, and turn what is now considered a complicated subject, into a simple and mainstream topic. This is no easy task and we can do with all the help we can get, write to us if you’d like to get involved.